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Echoes & Reflections Holocaust Lesson Resources

Most of the pages, worksheets, readings and video testImonies in your LIT Collection binder can also be accessed here!  Just look at the Tabbed Section that is assigned for the week and then on this site click on the same lesson title.  You will see the first column has the printed material, then a column with video clips with the name of the survivor from your assigment related to that lesson and then a column with supplementary material, links, etc. about the topic.  You can also use the link in the navigation bar on the top of this site.

Stories of the Holocaust

Online Exhibitions at the USHMM

Click Here To Sign Up For The Holocaust Study Abroad Trip in June 2016 

What is Yad Vashem?
Yad Vashem, the world center for Holocaust study, research, guardian of many original artifacts and the testimonies of thousands of survivors, education and remembrance sits on the top of the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, Israel.  If we are to ever prevent another Holocaust from occurring then it will only be through education of the next generation and those who teach them.  That is their mission, to remember and to educate. There is no better way to start the Holocaust Education section of my web site than with a short video showing you the newly expanded International School for Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem's campus.  I am both blessed and proud to say that I am a graduate of the school.  I continue to return their periodically to study, research and renew my committment to Holocaust education as my calling.  The Hebrew word for remember is… 


Literature Collection & Course Study Guide (Weekly literature, rubrics, guidelines, DVD resource list, projects, etc.

 (This is a PDF version of the package you purchased in the bookstore.  It has live hyperlinks in it. This is a very large document and takes a while to download.  Hint: Save it to your desktop.  Then open a browser and use the File Menu to navigate to the file on the desktop to open it.  It will then be just like a web site with links!)

Valencia College Genocide / Holocaust Library Guide

Helen Greenspun's Amazing Story of Survival

Attend an online lecture with Professor Gair, view full length movies and access movie analysis lessons and assignments at Vimeo or in Blackboard.  Use your Atlas login for Blackboard.

Midterm Resources
Note: You may not choose a survivor who we have seen in class.  In addition you MUST use the rubric that is listed here on the 4th link. The same applies if this is your choice for a final project.

US Shoah Foundation Full Length Testimonies for Midterm Project

US Shoah Foundation You Tube Testimony Play Lists

US Shoah Foundation (195 Full Length Testimonies)

Rubric for Midterm Testimony Project

U.S. Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive Online Login(Access to 52,000 plus video testimonies & more.)- User Name: Valencia, Password: Holocaust
You may also select one of the FULL LENGTH testimonies for your midterm with my prior approval.

I-Witness Survivor Testimony Collection- Register at this site with the following class code. A great place to create your own video project for the FINAL project choice.

Centropa (Interactive Project Site)
(Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation)

Testimony By Mauthausen Camp Survivors


Major Course Topic Links
Who Are The Jews?
Classical & Christian Antisemitism

Versailles Treaty
The Rise of the Nazi Party
The Nuremberg Laws of 1935
Kristallnacht- Nov. 9 & 10, 1938
Germany Invades Poland Sept. 1, 1939
Evian Conference & Emmigration
T-4 Euthanasia Program
Nazis Force Jews Into Ghettoes

Nazis Start The Concentration Camp System
Germany Invades The Soviet Union June 22, 1941
Einsatgruppen- Mobile Killing Squads in Russia
Mosaic of Victims
Spots of Light:Women In The Holocaust
Concentration Camp System In Depth
Jewish Resistance
Wannsee Conference & The Final Solution
Operation Reinhard
Nazi Medicine
The Auschwitz Album
Liberation & After The War
The Nuremberg War Criminal Trials
Insights & Perspectives Video Lectures By Historians

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Featured Web Sites

Vimeo- All My Channels
Click on the Channels Link
If a Holocaust video asks for a password it is because of copyright issues.  To view it login to BLACKBOARD and on the left side of the screen the menu button for Professor Gair's Vimeo Video Channels has the password for this semester.

"Fragments of Lost Jewish Life in Poland”
A Film Project by Professor Rich Gair, Valencia College, July 2015, funded by the award of the Abe & Tess Wise Endowed Chair in the Study of the Shoah

Professor Gair’s Podcasts

Yad Vashem- Israel's Holocaust Memorial and Education Center
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Documentary Collection
USC Shoah Foundation Institute
You Tube-Yad Vashem Channel
Professor Gair's You Tube Holocaust Lecture Channel
                                Holocaust Encyclopedia at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
USC Shoah Foundation- Seven Multimedia Testimonies & Lessons
Facing History and Ourselves
Holocaust Memorial & Resource-Education Center in Maitland, Fl.
You Tube Channel for My Holocaust Study Abroad Trips
You Tube- United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
You Tube- Auschwitz Memorial & Museum
You Tube- USC Shoah Foundation Channel
The Warsaw Rising Museum
Free Documentaries

Documentary Addict
Top Documentary Films (0ver 300 Holocaust related films)
History Channel (over 2500 Nazi related films)
Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archives
Open University List of Free Holocaust Courses
The Holocaust Explained (An educational site for young children)

Internet Archives

Writing About Film (Useful Tips for Required Video Essays)
Valencia Community College I-Tunes Course Login

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Full I-Tunes Library

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Latrine today

Research Tutorial- How To Do Research
Google Scholar

Joseph Bau's Holocaust Artwork 
Artistic Responses to the Holocaust
Holocaust Art
Literature of the Holocaust Book Summaries
Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg
Assorted Holocaust Sites
Children of Survivors
FSU Holocaust Education Conference
Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation
Holocaust Studies & Videos at Aish.com
Echoes & Reflections- Lessons- 50 Survivor Testimonies
Why Should I Care? Lessons on the Holocaust
"Reflections on the Holocaust"- By. Dr. Michael Berenbaum
Holocaust Film Resources
Miami Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights
Shoah- Collection of Photos, Art & Poetry
The Holocaust Chronicle
The Holocaust Defined
Holocaust Timeline of Events
Chronology of Holocaust Events
Holocaust Interactive Timeline
Holocaust Articles on Various Topics
About the Holocaust
Social Studies.Com-Holocaust Studies
Women and the Holocaust
- A Cyberspace of their Own
The Holocaust- Crimes, Heroes, Villains
U.S. Holocaust Museum- Questions & Activities
Antisemitism Research Resources
Holocaust Maps
Rumkowski's "Give Me Your Children" Speech
The Holocaust: Crimes, Heroes & Villains
Holocaust- Non-Jewish Victims
Learning About the Holocaust Through Art
Stories of Holocaust Rescue
Jewish Culture & History in Europe
Women and The Holocaust WebQuest
Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Holocaust Projects & Activities
Into The Arms of Strangers-Kindertransport
The History Place
An Auschwitz Alphabet
Holocaust Poetry
Remember.Org-Cybrary of the Holocaust
Tennessee University Holocaust Page
Yale University Historical Documents
Nazi Propaganda
Holocaust Basics
Holocaust Survivors
Yad Vashem Remembrance
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Children of the Holocaust Biographies
Holocaust Research Resources
Plays About the Holocaust
Genocide Watch- International Alliance to End Genocide
The Holocaust- A Tragic Legacy
Anne Frank Homepage
Holocaust Documents
Alicia Appleman-Jurman- Holocaust Heroine
Florida Task Force on Holocaust Education
German Propaganda Archive
Holocaust Overview
Holocaust WebQuest
Nuremberg Trials
Holocaust-Frequently Asked Questions
Holocaust Web Links Alphabetical List
Holocaust Discussion Network
Literature of the Holocaust
Poetry and Art of the Holocaust
A Black Soldier Remembers Buchenwald
Louisiana Holocaust Survivors
Daring to Resist- 3 Women Face the Holocaust
Rose Robota- Heroine of Auschwitz
Evian Conference- July 1938
The Nuremberg Race Laws
Anne Frank Center- USA
Kristallnacht - Night of the Broken Glass
Learning Guide to Schindler's List
Lesson Plan for "Night" by Elie Weisel
Survivor Oral Histories (Sound Clips)
The Forgotten Camps
Remember the Holocaust
Philadelphia Holocaust Resources
The Nizkor Project
Holocaust Photos
The Holocaust & Oskar Schindler
Lesson Plan for "The Yellow Star"
Holocaust Virtual Library
Rescuers in the Holocaust
Abe's Story
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
Voices of the Shoah
The Holocaust History Project
Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council
Holocaust Web Ring- 30 Plus Holocaust Sites
NJ Commission on the Holocaust
Shamash Holocaust Resources
Chambon Foundation Home Page
Facing History and Ourselves
Antisemitism and Racism Around the World
Bibliography of Assorted Holocaust Sites
Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
The Ghetto Fighters' House
ADL Holocaust Resources
Lublin Ghetto
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
Holocaust Survivor Children- Missing Identity
Israel Faxx- Holocaust Links
Holocaust & Genocide Studies Journal
Holocaust Education Organizations
Dimensions: Journal of Holocaust Studies
Holocaust Denial on Trial
International Victims Tracing Service
Voices of the Holocaust
Borders/Amazon Books on "Holocaust"
YIVO Institute Holocaust Survivor Lists
Amcha -Psychological Support of Survivors
Warsaw Uprising-VirtualTourist.com
Beyond the Pale The History of Jews in Russia
The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Warsaw
A Hell Worse Than War PBS Movie-Genocide
The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Cracow
America's First Holocaust Memorial Center
Majdanek Concentration Camp
Janusz Korczak - Biography
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Echoes & Reflection-Holocaust Curriculum
Historical Archives Holocaust News Articles
ADL- Anti-Defamation League
The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Lublin
Holocaust Personal Reflections
The Wall of Remembrance
The Holocaust History Project
Warsaw Monuments
American Red Cross Victims Tracing Center
Interviews with Elie Wiesel, Author of NIGHT
Center for Jewish Culture- Crakow
Gerda & Kurt Klein Foundation
HopeSite - The Holocaust Education Center
Center for Holocaust Studies- Univ. of Minn.
Jedwabne Tragedy
The Nuremberg Trials
March of the Living
Other Genocides
Yale Law- Avalon Project- Historic Documents
International Task Force on Holocaust Education
Steven Speilberg Jewish Film Archives
Nazi, Anti-Nazi & War Propaganda Movies- U Tube
Buchenwald Memorial
Dachau Memorial
Bergen-Belsen Memorial
Raphael Lemkin- The Quest to End Genocide
The Family History Museum

Poetry in Hell- Poems From the Ringleblum Archives
The Yiddish Book Center
Shtetl-PBS Documentary on Jewish Life in Pre-Holocaust Europe (View entire film here.)
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism
Poetry in Hell (Poems of the Warsaw Ghetto)
The Museum of Family History
Museum of the History of Poiish Jews

The Holocaust Explained (An educational site for young children)
Project on Medicine and the Holocaust at Boston University
Medical Ethics in the Shadow of the Holocaust (Dr. Michael Grodin, of BU)

Sugihara: A Conspiracy of Kindness

The Dachau Album (Artistic Interpretations)
PBS Films on the Holocaust
ADL Online Guide to Holocaust Denial
The Story of the Jews- 5 part PBS video
Roman Vishniac Photo Archive of Jewish Life

This web section is dedicated to the millions of lives lost in the Shoah,  the most documented and horrific act in history.

Always Remember...Never Forget...Never Again are empty words unless we take action when we witness evil.  Zachor, remember,  may be more fitting.
Note: These can be mere empty words that sound politically correct unless we actively do something when we see these injustices take place today.  Since the Holocaust there have been pther genocides, making the use of these words in relation to the Holocaust less meaningful.  It makes one wonder if we, the human race, learned anything from the Holocaust.
To be a bystander in the face of these injustices is to allow them to occur again and thus make the above words meaningless. BECOME AN UPSTANDER- Speak out and standup when you see injustice against others

Valencia Academic Dishonesty Policy- IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THIS.  When writing during this course your work must reflect a synthesis of your assigned readings, class learning, independent reading and your own thoughts.  Plagiarism is very serious and MAY cause you to fail the course.  Do NOT copy weekly essays from other classmates, as that is considered plagiarism.  If you need a refresher I have a video tutorial in BlackBoard that you should watch.  The campus library also has many helpful sources on their web page.  There is never a reason to copy word for word from your textbook as well.  I read every word and I can tell when it is not your own work in most cases.  Papers requiring research of any kind (see Final Project Choices) must be submitted to Safe Assign by midnight before you turn in the written copy.  It will not be read if that step is missed.  Keep in mind that since I do not give exams I evaluate much of your thinking through your writing as well as class participation and discussion.  Feel free to ask questions in class.

Also check my GOOGLE DRIVE for more.  The link is on the bottom of the home page

LIT 2174 “Multimedia Literature & the Holocaust” Assorted Course Handouts

When deciding on which of the Final Project options you want read over the list in your binder. Some of them have very specific guidelines as to what you must include and the format.  The ones listed here in white with **** should be read carefully and then you should print out ONLY the one that you want to do.  The rest do not have a packet and will be explained in class.  The contract with your choice is due the same day as your midterm project.

  2. Weekly Resource Portfolio Questions & Assignments
  3. Writing About & Analyzing Holocaust Poetry (Use with book "I  Never Saw Another Butterfly...")
  4. Analyzing Historical Literature
  5. Literary Techniques to Look for in Holocaust Literature
  6. Holocaust Literature Suggested Reading List
  7. Introduction to the Holocaust (PowerPoint Notes-Slides)
  8. Women as Resisters, Rescuers and Partisans (PowerPoint Notes-Slides)
  9. Writing Essays About Historical Holocaust Literature
  10. Reviewing Holocaust Literary Works (How To Write Your Essay)
  11. **** Final BOOK Project Evaluation Rubric (Use only if you read a book for the final.)
  12. Memoirs and Diaries- How They Differ and Suggested Reading List
  13. Possible Holocaust Topics to Further Investigate
  14. Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet
  15. Artifact Analysis Worksheet
  16. Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
  17. Map Analysis Worksheet
  18. Photo Analysis Worksheet
  19. Poster Analysis Worksheet
  20. Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet
  21. Written Document Analysis Worksheet
  22. The Holocaust in Film
  23. How To Examine Documents, Photos, Maps, Artifacts, etc.
  24. Examining a Film on the Holocaust
  25. Holocaust Art / Memorial Analysis Worksheet
  26. Holocaust Source Analysis Worksheet
  27. Survivor Testimonies Booklet (An entire booklet with conversations of survivors who were interviewed.)
  28. Possible Questions to Ask a Survivor
  29. Writing About Literature Tips
  30. **** Film Analysis Final Project Guidelines
  31. Holocaust Resource Guide (This is the 384 page binder you should download onto your laptop or tablet.)
  32. **** Holocaust Maitland Education & Resource Center  Final Project Guide
  33. Literary & Film Terms: A Guide to Writing About Both Media
  34. **** St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum Final Project Packet
  35. **** Rubric for Midterm Survivor Testimony Project (Everyone needs this. Attach a copy to your project.)
  36. Images Questions for Assigned Selections
  37. **** Final Project Choice Contract- Sign and turn in at midterm.
  38. Poisonous Mushroom (A Nazi propaganda picture book.)  Please download and save for a lesson.
  39. **** Holocaust Multimedia Final Project Guidelines & Rubric
  40. Imaginary Witness: Hollywood & The Holocaust Lesson-Activity Handout
  41. Poetry Analysis Worksheet
  42. NY Times Article for Discussion :  Preserving the Ghastly Inventory at Auschwitz
  43. Meet The Historian & Your Textbook Author- Dr. Yehuda Bauer
  44. Map-Chart Study Packet

LIT Literature Collection-Course Study Guide, Rubrics. etc. (SPRING 2016- A PDF of the bookstore package.)-TIP: Open this file and immediately SAVE it to your computer desktop or tablet.  Then open it from there using your browser- file menu-open and navigate back to this file.  Then when you click on a web link in the weekly LIT assignments they will be live links and you will zoom to the web site

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