Interactive Map of 2013 Travels

Watch this page as it slowly comes to life.  This summer (2013) I will be in Berlin for about 2 weeks and then driving through Poland for two weeks.  I will be studying what Jewish life was like before the Holocaust and since then as well.  I will be making videos and taking pictures to document whatever traces of Jewish life I can find.  This will include former sites of the Nazi made ghettoes, old synagogues and graveyards and more concentration camps.  Three camps I plan to visit for the first time are Chelmno, Belzec and what remains of Sobibor.  I will take the rail from Berlin and from there on will rent a car in Lodz, where I will stay several nights.  I hope to make the sites and cities I visit into live links on this map with videos and photos of what I find.

It was my hope that this page would be a way of showing you what I discovered on my journey this summer.  The plan was to spend the first two weeks in Berliun, attending a seminar in which we studied what Jewish life was like prior to and after the Holocaust.  The next two weeks were planned out as a driving trip through Poland doing the same thing, more on my own, and meeting with some local historians and museum people.  This was suppose to be an opportunity to see and video some former ghettoes, shtetls, and old synagogues from as far back as the 1600's.  As it turned out I spent the last two weeks in a Berlin Hospital and never made it to Poland.  Such is life, we never know what bump lies ahead in the road of life.

To make things brief here, I was injured in a fall from a bicycle.  Please, no lectures on why a 67 year old, overweight guy should not be on a bike.  I get those lectures from my spouse of 46 years, as well as my three adult children.  The resukt of all this was that after being a patient in the neurosurgery department of the Charite Kiinikum of Berlin I had to be specially airlifetd with a medical escort back to the USA.  The logistics of getting me back here were unreal and went off without a hitch.  Thank goodness I had the travel insurance policy that my employer makes us take when doing international travel.  It covered and arranged every single detail.

It is my hope that this page will become alive next summer as I slowly recover and am again able to walk.  Check back next summer to see if providence allows me to complete this journey of learning.