My Flipped Classroom

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What is a flipped classroom?  No, it has nothing to do with gymnastics class!  Good try though. It is a popular instructional model.  It allows more time for the professor to be working one on one as the guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage with students.  Actually it is a very simple concept but takes a lot of planning and preparation to implement.  Using screencasting software such as Camtasia or Snagit, or Educreations or ShowMe (there are others) the teacher records the instructional lesson and all his or her screen movements in a video lesson.  Every move the teacher makes on the screen, including writing on the virtual whiteboard is just as if he or she was standing in front of the class actually teaching it.  The same normal errors or re-explaining of something that the teacher feels was not presented correctly is restated in the video just like a teacher would do in a live setting.  The videos are assigned as the homework.  Students take notes as assigned and come to class after viewing the lesson.  The teacher may require some evidence it has been watched such as an index card summary handed in upon arrival or a quick mini quiz about the lesson.  Now in class the students are assigned the practice pages and exercises that would normally be homework and they do them in class as the teacher moves around monitoring and assisting them as they work through the assignment.  The teacher can help those who are stuck, not sure or just need a little push.  So as you see the homework becomes the inclass work and the teaching of the lesson is experienced by the student at home or virtually anywhere they have Web access!  Learning can literally take place anywhere now, and technology is the key to this.  In my hope to improve student achievement in my Reading class I am conducting an informal research study and flipping one of my reading classes.  I will then compare scores in that class with my others at the end of the semester.  If research is accurate I should hopefully see higher levels of learning in the Flipped Classroom.  This web page will contain links to other sources for those of you interested in learning more about this teaching approach.  It will also link to the Flipped Classroom I have created online in my Vimeo Channel.

The Flipped Classroom Network
Tutorial For Camtasia Mac Screencasting
The Teaching Channel

Some of the lessons will be found on the channel I have created.  Just use the link above.  Other lessons will be available right from this web page and will be listed below by skill.

Online Flipped Lessons…Coming Soon