My Summer of 2013 Travels

My first stop is Berlin, Germany.  Here I will spend about 10 days or more studying Jewish life that existed there before the Holocaust and what is there now.  Plenty of video will be shot as I study with educators from various countries as we develop instructional materials and lessons for our students back home.  I will then take the train to Lodz, Poland. Sadly, while in Berlin I took a fall off a bike.  After several falls I apparently agitated all the prior areas of surgeries I have on my lower back.  I spent almost two weeks u=in a Berlin hospital until I could be airlifted back to Orlando.  My plans are to return and complete the trip in the Summerb of 2015.  Stay tuned.

I will rent a car in Lodz.  I will then spend a few days seeing the site of the former Lodz Ghetto and other sings of a Jewish life that once existed here.  I will seek out old synagogu, cemeteries, and other Jewish cultural institutions.  I plan to talke extensive video of what I see.  I will also make a day trip to Chelmno, a death camp from the Nazi era.

I will make a day or two stop in Kielce looking for the same things I did in Lodz.  This was the site of a mass massacre after the Holocaust ended.

I have visited Auschwitz four times.  Due to the fact that I have always been leading a group when there, I have been limited in the number of exhibits and barracks I have been able to enter.  I will stay here for about three days, seeing whatever I have never seen, but at this time at my own pace.  Hopefully, I will obtain a great deal of video as well as new knowledge from the exhibits.

I will then spend a couple of nights here.  I have never been here but looking at the map it is quite convenient to see two more death camps I have never seen.  I will visit Belzec and the remains of Sobibor.

Warsaw, Poland

Last stop will be Warsaw.  My main mission here is to see the new Jewish History Museum that opened last month on the site of the ghetto.  Again, more video will be shot.

Well that is my plan as I write this.  After I return I will update the page if things have changed.