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REA 017 Study Guide for "Night" by Elie Wiesel"

Professor Gair’s Reading Place on You Tube

Purpose & Tone Word Study List
Reading Skills Study Packet
Reading Handout E-Booklet
Metacognition Self-Evaluation Scale
Web Site Evaluation Sheet

Addendum To Syllabi:

Cell Phones- If a cell phone goes off in class you will receive a zero for that class period as noted in your syllabus and you will also lose 5 points from your next chapter test!  If it rings during a test you will fail the test and may be asked to leave. This also applies to texting in class. Leaving class to answer it will result in 10 points deduction from the next chapter test!

Educreations (Prof. Gair's Recorded Lessons)
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Miami-Dade Reading Department Practice Links
When you get to the site click on the link in the left margin that says “Interactive Reading Exercises"


Reading Skills Practice Sites- Each section below has links that will help you improve your  skills in each chapter in our course textbook.  It is important that you bookmark this page, as I may assign some of the links as we do each chapter.

Links For Text Chapter Skills Practice 

Skill:  How We Learn
1- Learning Styles

2- Learning Styles Questionnaire
3- New Students - New Learning Styles


Skill:  Test Taking & Study Skills
1Study Skills Test Taking
2Test Taking Strategies
3- Test Taking Tips - Study Skills

4Preparing for an Exam
5- SQ3R

Skill:  Vocabulary
1- Guessing Vocabulary via Context Clues
2- Word Parts
3- Common Word Roots
4- Word Roots and Prefixes
5- Pulp Friction Vocabulary in Context
6- Vocabulary Skills-Context Clues

Skill: Identifying Topic, Main Idea, Details
1- Finding the Main Idea
2- Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details
3- Locating Main Ideas

4Thesis Statement Review

Skill: Supporting Details
1Major Details

2Identify Supporting Details
3- Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details

4- Identifying Supporting Details Practice Activity

Skill: Implied Main Idea & Central Point
1- Implied Main Idea Practice
2- Implied Main Idea-Central Point Exercises
3- Finding the Implied Main Idea
4- Practice Main Idea-Central Point
5- Finding Implied Maid Ideas

Skill:  Relationships, Transition Words & Patterns of Organization
1Organizational Patterns of Paragraphs
2Reading Online Transition Words
3Cause and Effect Paragraphs
4- Paragraph Patterns & Transitional Words Study Packet

5- Patterns of Organization
6- The Comparison-Contrast Study Guide 

Skill:  Fact & Opinion & Fiction
1- OrlandoSentinel-Opinion
2- New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions
3- Washington Post
4- Scary Superstitions

Skill:  Inferences (& Drawing Conclusions)
1- Drawing Inferences
Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions

3. GoComics- Great for Practicing Inferences
4. Gagle's Political Cartoon Index

Updated Political Cartoons
Political Humor
MSNBC- The Week in Political Cartoons
9- Similes and Metaphors
10- Similes
11- Simile & Metaphor Quiz

Skill:  Author's Purpose & Tone
1- National Rifle Association - MyNRA
2- Washington Post
3. Purpose and Tone Online Practice

Skill: Arguments and Logic
1- Logical Fallacy
2- The Structure of an Argument
3-  Fallacies
4-  Constructing a Logical Argument


REA 0017 Classes- Chapter 10: Reading & Evaluating Electronic Sources (Reading Across the Disciplines, 5th Edition)

Before doing the exercises in your textbook it would be a great help to visit the following sites to see what is involved in evaluating web sites.  These sites have tutorials and worksheets and tools and criteria you can use to make an effective evaluation of sites.  I will most likely be assigning one of the tutorials as a homework assignment.

Worksheet for Evaluating Web Sites: Print copies of this to use with the upcoming activities.

1. Evaluating Web Pages (Widener University): This is an incredible site.  It has examples, tutorials, a Power Point slide show and practice activities with links to actual sites that are part of the practice activities.
2. Evaluating Web Sites (Cornell University)
3. You Tube- How To Evaluate Web Sites
How To Evaluate Web Sites (University of Maryland)
Evaluating Web Sites (Lesley University)
Tutorial- How & What to Evaluate Web Sites (Ohio State University)
Web Research Guide- Evaluating Web Sites Online Practice Activities

Reading & Evaluating Electronic Sources- Chapter 10 of Reading Across The Disciplines, 5th Edition...this is the text we are using in REA 017.  The following 33 links are all part of the exercises in this chapter.  They can also be found as active links if you go into My Reading Lab and use the E-Book version of the text.  In addition, I have placed them all here, in the exact order needed to complete the entire Chapter 10.  I hope this saves you some typing. Professor Gair

1. Buying a Used Car. pg. 223, Ex. 10-1
2. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics pg. 223, Ex. 10-1
3. How Our Laws Are Made- pg. 223, Ex. 10-1
4. Rainforest Place- pg. 225, Ex. 10-3
5. Resume Tutor! pg. 226, Ex. 10-3
6. Facts Procter and Gamble, pg. 226, Ex. 10-3
.The Onion - America's Finest News Source pg. 226, Number 3
. Journalist's Guide to Gun Policy Scholars pg. 226, Ex. 10-4
. Truth About Federal Income Tax & Why Started pg. 227, Ex. 10-4
10. Autism Recovery & BEDROK pg. 227, Ex. 10-4
11. Shakespeare, real or fake pg. 228, Ex. 10-5
12. Develop your sense of humor to make 228, Ex. 10-5
13. Rodeo Facts - Animal Rights Moonbats' Ignorance pg. 228, Ex. 10-5
14. Demos, Test Pages - The HTML Writers Guild pg. 229, Ex. 10-6
15. The State of the World's Children 1999 pg. 229, Ex. 10-6
16. THE Y2K COMPUTER BUG -- UPDATE DECEMBER 1999 pg. 229, Ex. 10-6
17. Americans for Peace Now pg. 230, Ex. 10-7
18. Eating During Pregnancy pg. 230, Ex. 10-7
19. Citizens for Legitimate Government CLG pg. 230, Ex. 10-7
20. Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet pg. 231, Ex. 10-8
21. ArtBabble ArtBabble pg. 231, Ex. 10-8
22. Ohioline File Request Error - File Not Found pg. 231, Ex. 10-9
23. Sex Roles pg. 231, Ex. 10-9
24. 'Men Buy, Women Shop' The Sexes Have Different 232, Ex. 10-9
25. Page not found The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood .pg. 2432 Ex. 10-9
26. Let's Talk Communication Differences between Men and 232, Ex. 10-9
27. Bridging the Communication Gap Between Men and Women pg. 232, Ex. 10-9
28. BIOLOGY Dictates Most - Gender Communication Differences! pg. 232, Ex. 10-9
29. Deborah Tannen Men and Women pg. 232, Ex. 10-9
. Gender and Communication pg. 232, Ex. 10-9
31. Gender Communication Differences and Styles Negotiation Experts pg. 232, Ex. 10-9
33. Men and Women Equally Talkative, Study Finds NPR pg. 232, Ex. 10-9


Skill:  Author Bias and Propaganda Sites

BIAS is all over our society.  It is in the news and the popular media, as well as national and international politics and affairs.  These videos are meant to teach you about one particularly nasty BIAS, RACIAL BIAS.  "All in the Family" was a television show that broke ground as to what could be shown or said on national television in the 1970's.   Archie Bunker (the main character) was a man who made the rest of America sit up and take notice.  He made us see how foolish we looked in harboring our own racial biases about many ethnic groups.  Many people suddenly saw a bit of Archie's character in themselves, their families and their neighbors.  They did not like what they saw.  Examine his BIASES through his words, facial expressions, body language and the responses of his "liberal" daughter Gloria and her husband Mike, who by the way was known as "The Meathead" and Archie's wife Edith, who he fondly called a "dingbat".  Are there other BIASES other than just ethnic or racial here?  (None of the content is a reflection of any point of view by Valencia College nor Professor Gair the webmaster.)

The following clip is a very famous one.  If you listen carefully you will see just how BIASED Archie is about the racial issue.  Sammy Davis Jr. for those of you too young to recall, was a very famous and extremely talented entertainer.  He sang, danced, acted and was a major headliner in Las Vegas for many years.  Of course Archie tries to hide his racial biases because he is excited to meet such a famous person.  But try as he may, his prejudices come shining through inthe ever present Archie Bunker style.  

Some Excellent Web Sites to Test Your Critical Reading - BIAS Skills

1-Reading BIAS, Writing Tolerance
2. Bias in Media
3. News Bias Explored
4. Detecting BIAS in the News
5. News BIAS- How to Detect It
6. EyeblastTV- BIAS in the Media
7. Media Research Center MRC
8. Snopes- Urban Legends
9. Propaganda Resources on the Web
10 Propaganda Analysis
11. Abolish the Death Penalty
12. Pro-Death Penalty
13. Harpers Magazine
14. The Progressive Magazine
15. Counterpunch Magazine
16. Independent Media Center
17. The Nation
18. Mother Jones
19. In These Times
20. Z Magazine
21. AlterNet
22. Multinational Monitor
23. Dollars and Sense Magazine
24. Guardian Unlimited Network
25. The Village Voice
26. Project Censored
27. Sean Hannity
28- Michael Savage
29- Neal Boortz
30- Rusty Humphries
31. YouTube
32. BIAS- Idebate.Org

Assorted Helpful Reading Skills Sites:

1- Strategies for Reading Comprehension
2- Finding the Main Idea
3- Reading Skills Tutorial
4- Basic Outlining
5- Graphic Organizers

Some Great English-Reading-Writing Web Sites
11 Rules of Writing
2- Great Books Online
3- Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
Bibliomania - Literature and Study Guides
Critical Reading & Writing
English Grammar on the Web
8- Accessible Writing
Great Books Foundation
Guide to the Logical Fallacies
Indispensable Writing Resources
Lists of Grammar Items
Lives, the Biography Resource
Merriam-Webster OnLine
My Hideous Progeny Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
NCSU Online Writing Lab
North American Slave Narratives
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
Rhetorical Figures
Study English
The Electronic Canterbury Tales
The Modern Word
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
The Online Writery
UIUC Writers' Workshop
Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format
Writing Center at Rensselaer
30- Writing Help
31- Research Paper Guide

Directions: After you have completed the assignment type or copy and paste from your word processor or handwritten notes the answers.  Make sure they are formatted as in the following example of they will not be graded.  Remember you must follow these directions exactly as you are dealing with a computer and want it t to accept your answers properly.  The skill field  should be INFERENCE STACK.

Format Example: Each answer must be on the line for that number question.  When you fill in your email it must be your ATLAS email which is user your user name plus

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