The Holocaust In Cinema & TV

Brand new special topics course to be offered in the Spring 2015 semester. ENG 2930

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The Making of War and Remembrance


Dan Curtis, the Producer-Director of the televsion mini-series War and Remembrance dicusses some of his thoughts about making this movie.  He had to face some very tough decisions when he made this film.  It was the first time such scenes had been shown on television and raised some controversy among scholars, historians, theologians, survivors and educators.  Our course will examine issues such as these and others.  We will examine the polemics (verbal assaults) that were heard and also the positive comments and in our discussion you will be asked where you personally stand on the individual cases we examine.

The challenge for a producer and or director who decides to make a Holocaust film is enormous.  There are many things that must be taken into account about what to show, how to show it, how much to show and how to tell the story with dignity to the victims.  It is a responsibility that they are entrusted with, that is to tell the story as accurately as possible and maintain the respect and dignity of the victims, and not turn the audience off.  What is good taste?  Is it possible to call a Holocaust film erotic? soap operish? trivialization of horror? offensive? commercialized?  Can these charges be totally avoided?  This page will contain links you can use as you explore the subject and related subjects that arise in our new course The Holocaust In Film here at Valencia College.

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Feature Film "The House of Rothchild"
This particular 1934 film was a Nazi propaganda film.  As you view it try to spot the ways the Jews are portrayed 
as evil, scheming, dishonest, money loving people.  

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